Saturday, 28 December 2013

The last weekend rides of the year.

For once in quite a few weeks now I'm actually out on the winter bike rather than cross racing.  On Saturday I had planned to meet up with a few folks but with my usual dilly-dallying and 'lost' kit I left a tad late and then got caught by 2 trains at the crossing.  I got to the meeting point alone and left alone.  I had no chance of chasing down the group, so I had to plan a short cut.  As I headed north I could see tyre tracks and assumed it was the three in front.  I was expecting them to turn left and west round the planned route, but the kept going in the same direction as I was on.  I would ride the opposite way and meet them, but again my plans were thwarted as I realised my my wrong way was their right way, if you get my drift?  So I never did meet up, but struggled on my own into the wind and over the hills around Rothley and Ewesley Fell.  The only bonus of the day was catching the Gosforth RC club run and steaming past them from Bolam lake.

I got 50 miles under the belt and got home feeling rather tired and jiggered!  The other three got a lot more in, over 100 miles by one rider.  I just can't seem to get the long rides in as I used too, my back stiffens and aches up and I loose a lot of power.  Still there is tomorrow to pick up the baton again and see if I can get 4 hours in without too much stress.

Conclusion?  too old, too fat, too slow!  One I can't change, the others I better!

The Sunday ride.

Up and out early to meet the club and get a few hours in.  There were 8 of us out and on a bright but cold sunny morning we headed north.  All was well until we turned into a small lane just below Belsay and within minutes 7 riders were lying on their backs; black ice!  Everyone seemed fine with a few bumps and bruises, but I had landed hard on my hip and lay on the floor with my calf cramping up.  So we picked ourselves up and headed off.  After a few miles I knew I was not too grand, hip and calf were aching and my back, the dodgy iffy back, was grumbling and groaning.  As I am racing on Wednesday I played it safe and turned for home and limped in at a steady pace.  just under 50 miles done, but a lot less that expected.

So I sit here now, stiff and aching feeling a bit sorry for myself.  I don't bounce well nowadays.  I had a couple of good weeks  with my back and now it feels that I am back to square 1!  We'll see what a night's sleep and a dose of Ibruprofen will do.

Ups and downs.  Ups and downs!

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